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What is Rewards for Opinions?

We're a market research panel for Rapid Rewards Members. When you join, you'll participate in online surveys and receive Rapid Rewards points in exchange for your time. It's a mutually beneficial relationship: we get to hear what you think, and you get a free and easy way of earning your next reward.

What is market research?

Put simply, market research is a way for businesses to find out what people like you think. They create online questionnaires, known as surveys, and ask your opinions on their service, products and advertising. This allows them to get valuable feedback and allows you to influence the future of the brands you know and love.

How do I earn Rapid Rewards points?

By answering questions. Once you're signed up, you'll start to receive emails inviting you to take surveys. Log in to your Dashboard to see all your available surveys with a brief introduction on their topic, predicted length and amount of Rapid Rewards points awarded upon completion. Participation is always voluntary and you are free to complete as many or as little surveys as you like. Just remember, the more surveys you take, the more rewards you earn!

How do the surveys work?

Log in, answer questions, earn Rapid Rewards points. Once you've received your invitation email and logged in, you'll be able to start the survey right away, or save it for later. Typically, you'll be asked for some personal details first. Rewards for Opinions does not share this information with anyone and we encourage you to complete every question you see. The more you answer, the better we can tailor your experience.

Each survey will vary by length and more often than not, the longer the survey, the more points are up for grabs. Only when you have fully answered all questions will you receive the amount of Rapid Rewards points quoted in your survey invitation. These points will then be credited to your Rapid Rewards account within six weeks.

Sometimes companies only require a limited set of survey responses. We cannot always predict how popular a survey may be, and sometimes surveys unexpectedly close quickly. If this occurs, you will receive 2 Rapid Reward points for your time. We apologize in advance if this rare occurrence happens to you. If you are not part of the target group, or they have already received the desired number of responses, your survey will end. You'll see an error message and return to the Dashboard.

This is a normal part of market research and we'll still credit you with Rapid Rewards points for attempting the survey (2 points if the quota is full and 3 if you screen out). At Rewards for Opinions, you will always be rewarded for taking part.

Further information

For more information about Rewards For Opinions, please see our  FAQ's Privacy Policy and  Terms and Conditions , or feel free to  Get in Touch if you still have questions.